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Theatrical armchairs

Row Seats QR Tix

Need a way to check-in and check-out attendees?  Then our free iPhone and Android app is your answer.  Start with Row Seats QR Code Tix add-on, customize to your business brand and you’re on your way to validate sold tickets.

Row Seats Core

Thank you for visiting and for your interest in purchasing our premium WordPress plugin – your choice is greatly appreciated!

Do you run or operate conferences, exhibitions, conventions, trade shows, seminars, workshops, business meetings or any event that needs to book seats? If you answer yes, give our plugin a go. Easy to manage and collect payment for booked seats through PayPal. Add modules (add-ons) to bring additional functionality. Checkout what we offer.

Row Seats – An integral seat booking system

WordPress plugin that has many features to run a successful show.

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