What Can the Row Seats Plugin Do For You?

It is quite common to find a number of companies still relying on manual ticketing systems to sell tickets for their events. While this may still be a necessary means of providing your customers with tickets especially for those ‘late-minute customers’, you may find that automated booking and ticketing systems such as the row seats app may actually increase your event sales.

The row seats plugin for WordPress is an impressive development in automated online ticketing systems. The plugin helps your customers to navigate through your company’s website till they find an event that they would like to attend. Moreover, the plugin also provides a seating chart for each event. Through these charts, customers can select their preferred seats and proceed to reserve the same.

Interesting modules within the plugin include the offline reservation mode and the coupon option. The offline reservation mode, as the name implies, allows customers to still place reservations for seats without necessarily being online. The coupon option allows the business owner to offer coupons for select row seats. This is in response to a means of offering discounts on select row seats for shows that generally do not attract a large audience.

The beauty of the row seats plugin for WordPress does not lie in how it works but rather what it does for your business. The use of QR codes enables the plugin to sell your shows for you. Promotions can be embedded within the QR codes which can later link back to your website or other events on your website. Moreover, the plugin eases management tasks as it provides a record of all tickets issued as well as all tickets that have been redeemed. Lastly, the plugin ensures that any event that has already elapsed within your event calendar is immediately taken down. As such, you are assured that your customer will always find relevant and current information regarding all your shows.

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