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All plugins recommended, purchased or demoed are “use as is”.  We take every precaution to provide a good plugin for its ease of use and compatibility.  While there may be situations and setups that are independent, common and uncommon, our plugin may not work for such setups.  If you have a  normal wordpress install (not hacked/modified), give our plugin a test.   Please see our terms before use and download.

We developed a great system to help you book seats. Do you run a theater, dance show, recitals, special engagements?.  Row Seats wordpress plugin will assist you in selling your seats, and greatly help your establishment to book your event. The interface for visitors makes it easy to book seats and get confirmations. You can accept PayPal payments, plus get email confirmations from the booked parties. You can create as many shows as you’d like. The seating charts are created through csv file and can accomodate elementary simple layouts as shown in the screenshots (see tabs below).

Row Seats Tutorials

Selling seats is now possible with Row Seats plugin for WordPress.   The only plugin in its class for booking seats.  With payment gateway modules such as Paypal, you can turn your shopping cart into a ticket booth.  Here is the list of features:


  • Easy Management System
  • Manage Seats
  • Create coupons (available as a paid module)
  • Add events through FullCalendar
  • Seat number orientation
  • Accept Paypal payments  (available as a paid module)
  • Printable Reports (available as a paid module)
  • Offline Reservation (available as a paid module)
  • Booking Cancellations (available as a paid module)
  • Add Fees (available as a paid module)
  • Member Management (available as a paid module)
  • User Roles (available as a paid module)
  • Pricing per seat (available as a paid module)
  • QR code Tickets (available as a paid module)


Below are screenshots and video overview

Video Overview

Calendar Features

The show calendar works the following way:

a) Month view – When you create and save a show in this view, it is considered for the whole day event.

b) Week view – You can set the time start/end of your event for any particular day.

c) Day view – same as week view above.

When in the week or day view, you must click and drag your time that the show will start and end.  When you release the mouse button, the time is set and a pop out menu screen will come out.  In this menu (as shown above) is where you will set your information relating to the event.

Seat Number Orientation

How is your seating chart arranged when back viewed? Left to right, or right to left?.  Now, you can select the way you want your viewers to see your seat arrangements. It is easier for your audience to pick and purchase their seats when they know where they will be seated.

For Seat Orientation, you first need to create in your csv file the way that you’d like your seat chart to appear.  When you select your show wate, you’ll need to place your seat orientation sequence (left to right, or right to left).  See the following pics for an overview.


Calendar Widget

Calendar and Calendar widget

You can now dedicate a calendar for your show.  This calendar is an add-on for Row Seats plugin.  What it does, it creates a visual date for the show.  When you set the shortcode in any page or post [showcalendar], the calendar will appear (see calendar pic4).  On the sidebar you can also place a resized calendar that will enable to show your event (see calendar pic3).  You need to enable it through the widget side (see calendar pic1).

Each show that you create you can color type it to make different from each other (see calendar pic2).  This will help your visitor see the show that they want buy tickets for with ease.

Admin settings

  • Email: This is the side where you place your email address. It will be used to send the confirmations to the buyer and to the administrator.
  • Ticket Prefix: Here you can place anything that will help you track your seating and transactions. We suggest to keep it simple with alpha numeric characters no more than 6.
  • Handicap Discount in %: If you offer a discount for guest with handicaps or offer a wheelchair access discount. You can set it here, if you don’t just leave this space blank.
  • Terms & Conditions: Place any terms and conditions that you set forth for your venue. The customer will have to check this box (created in the front end) in order to make the purchase.
  • User Email Template: This space is for alerting the customer of their purchase details.
  • User Email Subject: You can place any type of subject for the automated email sent to purchaser of seats
  • Offline Reservation Email subject: When you reserve seats in Offline Reservation mode, an email is also sent to the purchaser of seats
  • Booking Cancellations: An useful option when you manually have to cancel a booking.  When cancellation occurs, the booked seat will now be available for someone else to book.
  • Disable Admin Email Notifications:  You can enable or disable email notification sent to admin.  This is useful if you don’t want to received automated emails every time a booking occurs.  It is enabled by default.
  • Admin Email Template: Filling out this section will alert the admin of the transaction made a buyer. So, you’ll keep track of booked seats and inform you of a purchase just made.
  • Minutes to wait for release of the blocked seats: This is the section where you want to release seats that are in the que. For example, a buyer places 5 seats in the shopping cart, but then he closes his browser, the power goes out, etc. These seats will stay in the Other’s Cart view (or in the que) until the specified time is up. We recommend between 10-15min.
  • Lite/Dark Theme: This option is useful to suit your theme, if you have a dark background theme, then select the dark theme to show you graphics and stylesheet in a lighter version for better visibility.
  • Enable/Disable Jquery:  When you experience a jquery conflict with your theme, you can disable the jquery that the plugin runs on.  Instead Row Seats will run on your themes jquery.  You need to make sure that your theme runs on and is based on jquery for this option to be useful. 

Seat Management

On the Manage Seats menu you will be able to make your show go live. The show you created on the Calendar section will be viewable in the Manage Seats tab. In this section you’ll notice the name of your show, the status and the shortcode to be used in any page or post. In order for your show to come out in the front end, You need to do the following:

1) Click on Update seats – Here you’ll notice a menu with a color legend for the seats that you’ll map out. Click on Download Template and there you will get a seating template.csv file where you can create your seats and map out what you need to place on each seat.

2) Once you mapped out and arrange your seating, save your csv file then upload it. Your seats are now arranged and ready to be booked.

3) Copy the shortcode that is shown in the Manage Seats section and post it in a page or post.

Note: Pricing is based per row only, it is not individually priced.

User Permissions

You as the event manager, may not have the time to manage bookings, create shows, update and keep the flow going. In these situations, you can delegate these duties to any contributor. Just select any user that has registered through your wordpress site and grant them Contributor rights. Which ever names are given contributor rights, will have permission to Row Seats plugin only. They can manage, create, delete, etc. Full access is granted to any contributor that you wish.

Offline Reservations

Any time you need to book a seat offline without the need to checkout, now you can do it with Offline Reservation. This feature can assist you in manually booking a seat for people that want to book over the phone, or simply reserving for a special purpose.

See the following pics to for the admin side of Offline Reservations

Booking Cancellations

Whenever a booked event needs to be cancelled for any reason, you can manually reimburse the person that booked it through paypal.  In order to free the booked seat(s), you’ll need to place the ticket number that is shown on the report section.  You can included comments only visible to you.  See pics below for reference.

Member area

Many theater companies are run and operated by enthusiasts and donors or sponsors.  Whenever you have a particular membership that offers free tickets as perks for joining/donating, then this feature will assist in offering it to your members. It acts as coupons solely based on the settings you place such as 3 free tickets per show.

WP Users Settings

To bring the registration form, use shortcode [rowseats-userregistration-form].

PayPal payment settings & Coupons

Payment settings tab – On this screen you can place your paypal email address in order to accept payments.

  • Paypal mode- You can choose either Test or Live. The live mode is where you’re ready to accept payments for seat purchases. On test mode, you need to first have a sandbox paypal developers account. Here you can test the whole process from purchasing the seat(s) to receiving the email confirmations, to check the transaction on the Reports tab.
  • Symbol- The currency symbol currently selectable are British Pounds, Dollars, Euro, Yen, Bhat, Shequel
  • Custom Return Page- When visitors successfully placed an order and is completed payment, they can be directed to any page that you set in this area. It needs to be in the same website.
  • Return Page Content is where you fill any information you’d like your customer know. This area is usually filled with details about the handling of the seats. If you have left the field Custom Return Page blank, then this page will be display instead.

The IPN from paypal is handle dynamically, meaning you don’t need to set any particular IPN in paypal’s side, only the your website url.  In almost all instances this will work.  But if you have issues of transactions not being recorded, you can use the following url (replace with the name of your website).

Pricing per Seat

Module to change price per seat. When a show is created through a csv file it can only be priced per row.  With this add-on the price can be set individually per seat through admin side.   You’ll need to go to the Manage Seat section wp-admin/admin.php?page=rst-manage-seats and select the show to view, this will be the show that you’d like to change the seat price. See screenshot below:


The price you would like to change has a timer so the changes need to be made before the time is up.

Coupon Management

Manage Coupon settings:  You can create, edit and manage coupons for your customers.  These coupons can be used at checkout for your visitor to get a discount to buy seats.  This will help you in get more sales.  You can set the parameters from this section.  The coupon can be set by date, by amount spent or by both.  It can be a percentage or fixed amount.  Also, it can allow up to however many times you want the coupon to be used (this will require for the visitor to use the same email when purchasing). It can be applied to a single show, or to all shows.  This coupon management is comprehensive and easy to manage.


The report section will contain:

  • Event Name
  • Event Date
  • Named of the person that booked
  • Email from the booking person
  • Phone number
  • Booking ID
  • Ticket No
  • Paypal Transaction ID number
  • Cost of seat
  • Total Paid
  • Date booked

This report is very thorough and can help you track the paid transactions.You can set the parameters of your transaction view and be able to download them.  A CSV file will be populated for this situation. Very useful to get a full glance of the seats sold.  It can also track the coupons used.

Reports view 1


Report view 2


Please see our terms prior to use and download

Support License details

★   Single license is granted to personal website(s) that are owned and operated by a single user.  Not for a business enterprise, or business entity.  However, it is allowed for only 1   business website   that you own. What you can’t do is to resell, distribute (cannot be bundled as a package), or give it away for free.

★   For all licenses – As an End User you’re given a non-exclusive, non-sub licensable, nontransferable license to take the following actions: A) Use the Licensed Work on computer systems owned, leased, or otherwise controlled by the End User in its own facilities or facilities under its control. B) User shall not sell, assign, rent, lease, distribute, export, import, act as an intermediary or provider, or otherwise grant rights to third parties with regard to the Licensed Work or any part of it. C) End User shall not undertake, cause, permit or authorize the translation, reverse engineering, decompiling, disassembling or hacking of the Licensed Work or any part of it.








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