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Row Seats top function is the ability to view and make live seat bookings.  This “live” feature requires constant ajax calls process and thus it spends the site server’s resources, specially the bandwith. There are some factors to consider, your webhost plan will determine your website strengths. Our array of modules and core has been used and tested in a LAMP environment up to php 5.5, if your setup runs above these settings contact us prior to purchase.

Per customers feedback Row Seats runs smooth under the following server types, based on high-to-unlimited webhosting plans:

Seat Plan

  • Under 100 seats or spaces
  • Up to 300 seats
  • Up to 500 seats
  • Up to 1000 seats
  • Up to 1000 seats and several shows

Venue or Ocassion 

  • LAN Parties, Stalls/Lots/Spots/Booths
  • Community Events/ Seasonal Occasions
  • Community Theater/Seasonal Events
  • Theater with year round events
  • Event Production with numerous shows

Webhost Service

  • Normal Shared Hosting
  • Shared Hosting with excellent resources
  • VPS/Dedicated Server w/high resources
  • Dedicated Server
  • Dedicated Server own colocation

Row Seats is geared to small venues. If your venue host several shows with lots of seats, you may experience server lag causing undesired effects, due to limited server resources.


Case1: Small theater 200 seats, 1 show per weekend (x2) = 400 seats (total).  Strong server should be used.

Case2: Small theater 500 seats, 3 shows per day = 1500 seats (total). Dedicated high resource server should be used.

Case3: Theater 800 seats, 5 shows = 3000 seats (total). Colocation, dedicated rack space server with high resources should be used.

Case4: Amphiteather, 5000 seats several events (many many seats).  Server resources may not perform, regardless of capacity, as this will demand a lot of strength, not found in dedicated servers.


In the case scenarios listed, what counts is the amount of seats regardless if it is spread in several shows.  The server resources are spent on handling each seat

Row Seats works with modern up-to-date browsers browser-logos

Cache function or cache plugins will prevent the “live” function to run.  We recommend disabling,  or whitelist the page where the seat chart is displaying.  It also applies for servers that do automatic cache such as Cloudfare, hosted WP, WP Engine, etc. Sites that are running behind a proxy server, may also prevent Row Seats bookings to not be properly handle and can cause booking issues. All due to the nature of caching.
Information above is not an indication of Row Seats performance, but  it will give a good idea on how the server will handle. 

Row Seats Core is FREE to use. Download, test and use it in your website environment to experience its execution.
If you have a particular case not covered in this page, we’ll be happy to answer your questions.  You can click here to contact us.

WordPress Theme Compatibility

While Row Seats works with most WordPress themes, it is very important that you test it with yours. This way you can ensure compatibility and that your seat plan shows well. Some themes tend to override the original look of the seat chart, but this is minimal. If such is the case the theme’s stylesheet may need to be slightly modified, the theme developer should be contacted for instructions or help.


For Seatera theme users, we don’t provide any support for it. If you plan to use this theme with our modules, it is at your own risk.

We will not offer support for our modules while using this theme.





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