Managing Online Ticket Sales through the Row Seats Plugin


Event planning can be rather tiring especially if you don’t have the right tools at hand. Event companies often provide detailed information on all their shows but fail to address what customers need most: a way through which customers can easily access seat tickets. Booking seat tickets can rather difficult especially if customers can’t book directly off your website. In fact, most customers get discouraged and frustrated and tend to search elsewhere for this valued service. Through the row seat plugin you can avoid disappointing your customers by providing an easy way through which your customers can purchase tickets to all their favorite shows.

The plugin is a simple, worthwhile addition to any events website and is fully integrated with several payment gateways providing an all-in-one solution to all your online booking needs. Through the Row Seats WordPress plugin, customers can find information all the shows hosted by your events company. Moreover, the plugin also allows your customers to see which seats are still available for their favorite shows as well as the row seat prices of for the different kind of seats. The plugin, therefore, enables you to automatically manage seat reservations without having to input any kind of data aside from uploading relevant seating information for the specific shows.

Customers simply need to visit your website and navigate with the aid of the plugin’s interface to find seating and ticket information for shows that they would like to attend. Customers then proceed to pay for their seats through any of the payment methods provided through the plugin’s interface.  It should be noted that the row seat plugin allows customers to purchase whole row seats. In this way, customers can choose the very best seats such as box seats or front row seats for all their favorite shows.

Once seats are paid for, they are automatically marked off as reserved. Printable QR coded tickets are then sent to the customers via email. Other great features include advertising on box office tickets which can provide additional revenue through each ticket sold. All in all, the row seat WordPress plugin offers and effective way to manage online ticket sales. Moreover, effective use of the plugin could very well increase ticket sales as more and more people use your website to make reservations for all their favorite shows.

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