Important PayPal Changes June 30, 2016


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Row Seats PayPal module

There are PayPal changes that may affect Row Seats PayPal transactions and bookings.  PayPal have sent an email to all its merchant customers about their new changes when using their platform.

They are upgrading their security protocols to the industry latest standards.  These changes will be in effect starting on June 17, 2016.

[info]  Check with your webhost about your server settings supporting TLS v1.2 and Open SSL 1.0.1[/info]

[highlight]  WEB HOST – SERVER SIDE REQUIREMENT ONLY     [/highlight]

[fancy_box title=”Example: PayPal Requirement web host/server NOT READY” titlebgcolor=”#000000″ titlecolor=”#ffffff” boxbgcolor=”#f29393″]

Below are screenshots from a web host (server) that is NOT ready for PayPal new protocol .  The requirements will need to have at least: OpenSSL 1.0.1 as a minimum and tlsv1.2

Quickest Solution to the PayPal requirement?

Contact your web hosting provider and let them know that PayPal is requiring TLS 1.2  and minimum of OpenSSL 1.0.1 for secure connections.  That should be enough for them to know what’s going on and they can get it fixed for you.




[fancy_box title=”Example: PayPal Requirement web host/serverREADY” titlebgcolor=”#000000″ titlecolor=”#ffffff” boxbgcolor=”#71EEA3″]

Below are screenshots from web host (server) that IS ready for PayPal new protocol .  The requirements have at least: OpenSSL 1.0.1 as a minimum and tlsv1.2



First and foremost check that your web host or server meets this requirement (see info above), if not ready, you can ask them to update it so that PayPal can communicate securely with your site for transactions.

Our Row Seats PayPal module is ready for this change.  If you purchased our PayPal add-on, either as a stand alone, or from a bundle pack on March 6, 2016 onward, there is no need to update.

If the purchase was made on March 5, 2016 and prior, an update to the ‘row-seats-paypal’ module is necessary to prevent interruption.  The update can be obtained by requesting a download link, member login required. This link will provide the updated plugin(s).  Click on the following url to receive the latest updates Row Seats download update.